Professional excursion with members of the University Heritage Coordination in Tata

The purpose of our professional network called University Heritage Coordination, which was established in 2020, is to develop the method of managing and protecting the valuable cultural heritage of the university, as well as to make it visible to both the citizens of the university and the general public. Almost every organizational unit of the university has delegated a representative to the professional network, so in addition to working together, we also try to get to know each other's collections in the framework of professional trips.

On the 3rd of June 2024, our members traveled to Tata, where they participated in meaningful professional programs. During the morning, Dóra Kürthy, geologist and deputy director of the Kuny Domokos Museum, welcomed the group. After introducing each other, e.g. the operation of the two institutions, we had the opportunity to see the colorful exhibition The wonderful (living) world of the ancient sea of ​​Tata, as well as the traveling exhibition Life and death in the Turkish age.

In the afternoon, we walked around the more than 3-hectare nature reserve with István Szente, the manager of the Tata Geological Garden. The foundation of the garden at the foot of the Kálvária hill can be linked to the name of József Fülöp, the former rector of our university, for example, his research house and commemorative plaque can still be seen today. During the guided tour, we were introduced to unique geological and paleontological curiosities, but there was also time to explore the botanical diversity of the garden.

You can read more about our professional network, unique among Hungarian higher education institutions, here.

Source/author of illustration:
ELTE University Library and Archives