Interlibrary Loaning

Publications missing from the library’s stock can be obtained from domestic (rural) or foreign libraries on request, in original or copy, as required.

The use of the requested documents (can be borrowed or used only locally) is provided by the lending library.

What you need to know about interlibrary loan:

  • you can use the service only with a valid borrower’s card;
  • you cannot request a document from libraries in Budapest by interlibrary loan;
  • you will be responsible for all costs associated with obtaining the documents.

What costs may emerge?

  • in the case of an internal loan, the postage for return;
  • in case of a copy request, the fee according to the copying tariff of the servicing library (in case of photocopying, the postage too);
  • the fee for international loan is HUF 4,500 / volume when requesting an original document (in some cases the sending library may set a higher fee). If the foreign partner provides a copy of the document, you have to pay the cost of the copy (in this case, too, the prices of the servicing library apply);
  • in case of loss or damage to the document, you have to reimburse the amount of compensation determined by the sending library;
  • you have to pay all the costs of the interlibrary loan even if you no longer need the requested document in the meantime.

How shall I do it?

The completed, signed order form must be handed in in person at the Reader’s Service.

You can ask for further information at the email address.

If you rather make a purchase recommendation for a document that is missing from our stock, you will be able to do so with our INeedABook service.

Source/author of illustration:
Pixabay @kerttu, Pixabay @Anemone123, ELTE EKL