Local use

With a visitor’s card

In the reading rooms with a visitor’s card you can use for free:

  • all our printed and electronic documents of the basic collection (published after 1801) of our books placed on the stocks or on the open shelf;
  • and a collection of periodicals containing approximately 12,000 titles.

In addition:

  • you can ask for help from the information service,
  • you can use catalogues and bibliographies;
  • you can search in the databases subscribed by ELTE;
  • you can use the library's computers;
  • you can use the self-service scanners;
  • you can freely connect to the library’s Wi-Fi network with your own device.

An accessible workstation is available for the visually impaired readers.

You can use our reprographic services for fee:

With a borrower’s card

If you have a borrower’s card, you can also borrow an external battery (power bank) for charging mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, as well as headphones from the information service staff for the duration of your stay in the library.

Special collections can only be searched with a borrower’s card and a permit, after filling in a research statement. You can find further information about using them locally here.

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