Trial access to Sage Publishing journals and the Sage Research Methods database

From the 15th of April 2024, Sage Publishing is offering two-month trial access to its journals and the Sage Research Methods database.


Sage is one of the largest academic publishers. During the trial access, more than 1,100 of its periodicals after 1999 are available. The publications cover many fields of science, among them, natural science journals stand out.

The publisher's research methodology service, Sage Research Methods, provides access to manuals, journals, video aids and several other resources, helping workflows at all levels of research. The complete text of the Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series is also available in the database.

Links to content:

Sage Journals website

Sage Research Methods website 

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The databases are accessible by connecting to the ELTE internet network. Remote access is possible with VPN.

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