DOI claim

DOI (Digital Object Identifire) is a unique identifier of the International DOI Foundation for the identification of documents available online. Its use is widespread internationally, in addition, today more and more publishers in Hungary are affixing DOIs to publications and manuscripts.

In addition to clear identification, DOI can increase the popularity of the publication’s website, which can increase the number of references; moreover, the chances of entering scientific bibliographic and scientific metric databases also increase. 

The ELTE University Library and Archive, through the CrossRef agency, provides the DOI ID for publications made at the university for free.

Selection criteria for journals/books:

  • published by ELTE and/or one of its organizational units,
  • or ELTE and/or one of its organizational units is a co-publisher,
  • or endorsed and issued by ELTE and/or one of its organizational units,
  • or financed/supported by ELTE and/or one of its organizational units,
  • or the editor-in-chief/responsible editor and at least 1/3 of the editors are employed by ELTE,
  • or at least 50% of the authors of a particular issue are employed by ELTE.

For long-term access, the author must archive in the EDIT (it is ELTE’s Institutional Repository). EDIT, as a secondary repository, provides access to documents with a DOI ID even if the publication’s website is lost.

If you want to request a DOI ID, you can have further information from: (Liza Németh, Dóra Szabó).

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